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This Way Up 2011 - A CEO Collaborative Forum event in Lausanne on June 5, 2011


What is the true power of international collaboration on the CEO level? This summer the CEO Collaborative Forum is hosting This Way Up 2011 in order to show just how powerful it can be. This Way Up 2011 is a unique, highly engaged gathering of approximately 200 ambitious and internationally-minded CEOs and is hosted in conjunction with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Attending CEOs (see partial list here) will come together on 5 June 2011 to share individual CEO challenges under the themes of Innovation, Financing and Growth. Through the Forum's tried and true collaborative methodology, attendees will aggregate the results and share topline insights on the day. After the event, the Forum will publish a This Way Up 2011 Action Plan in their name, drawn directly from the collective wisdom and experience of the participating CEOs present. The event costs 750 euros to attend. Interested (and eligible) CEOs can apply for sponsorship in order to attend the event for free via the registration page on the site. This Way Up 2011 is NOT a conference. There are NO "expert" lecturers. The experts are the leading internationally-focused, high-growth CEOs THEMSELVES.Contact: thiswayup@ceo-cf.comPhone: +34 934 194 021

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