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The top business school EM Lyon establishes a new campus in Geneva


EMLYON, which possesses all three international accreditations - AACSB, Equis and AMBA – has joined the exclusive club of the Top 15 business schools in Europe. In the league table of the "Top 55 European Business Schools" published by the Financial Times in December 2006, EMLYON ranked in thirteenth place.

EMLYON is an institution dedicated to education in business management for students of all ages. The school's avenues of growth - - international business, enterprise and innovation – match the reality of management today and meet the needs of large corporations and SMEs, which are all faced with radical political and economic changes.

EMLYON is now entering the third phase of its international development plan. The school aims to become the European standard-setter for training and higher education in management and entrepreneurial leadership and to break into the Top 10 by 2012. The preceding phases (1998-2006) have acted as the launch pad for the current project, which consists in deploying an EMLYON brand strategy on a worldwide scale.

This initiative involves the creation of two new campuses. The first, EML Geneva, will welcome its first students for the academic year starting in 2008.

The second new campus, EML Shanghai, is the fruit of long and arduous efforts made in China. EML Shanghai will become EMLYON's base camp in Asia in September 2007, as part of the East China Normal University, EMLYON's partner in this operation.

The Geneva campus
Why Geneva?
The close fit and geographic proximity of Lyon and Geneva are a valuable asset for the dense economic fabric of the region, which, together with Turin, make up the so-called "Alpine Diamond". Against this backdrop, EMLYON intends to consolidate its position as a standard-setting business school in one of Europe's most important regions. The new campus will benefit from Geneva's international dimension and its capacity to attract a cosmopolitan population. Initially, EMLYON plans to offer post-master courses specializing in fields of activity that correspond to Geneva's key competences: private banking, international organizations and luxury products.

Private Banking
Private banks are constantly looking for highly qualified experts with good language skills, an open mind, knowledge of the different banking trades and high entrepreneurial potential. As today's private banks come ever closer to their customers, they need to act as genuine advisors on global financial planning. Geneva is recognized as the world's leading centre for the management of private fortunes, with 120 establishments, mostly private, of which 80 are foreign. Geneva hosts 1,700 financial companies and 500 independent asset management consultants. More than 22,000 people work in the financial sector.

Management of Organizations and Global Business
Geneva is also considered to be the world capital of international organizations. There are currently 22 international organizations in Geneva, including the head office of the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Labor Organization (ILO) and representatives of 170 nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

Marketing and Management of Luxury Products
As the luxury products industry continues to consolidate in rich countries, it is also developing strongly in most emerging industrial nations, such as China. Host to numerous emblematic suppliers of luxury goods, Geneva is one of the leading centers for luxury products in the world. It therefore makes perfect sense to offer a course specializing in this field of activity.

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