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...AND THE MICROENGINEERING INDUSTRY, OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES IN GENEVAAfter several months of preparation to launch this innovative organisation, TIMELAB – Foundation of the Geneva Laboratory of Horology and Microengineering – has been officially unveiled in the presence of numerous representatives from the fields of watchmaking, politics, economics and specialised education. This centre for certification and Research & Development, houses two of the most prestigious watch certifications, the Hallmark of Geneva and the Geneva Office of the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Certification). The mission of TIMELAB is to bring value to quality watchmaking by offering watch brands an array of services at the height of technology. Founded during economically complex times, which are particularly marked by rising competition in the watch industry, TIMELAB brings a new and concrete answer to the needs of watch brands and the microengineering industry. Established by the law I 1 25 of the State of Geneva (voted in 2008 and whose original text dates back to 1886 – the date of the foundation of the Hallmark of Geneva), TIMELAB offers expertise by a professional and recognised organisation that is also credited with being an official and independent laboratory. Created as a foundation, it is run by a council which unites representatives from the main areas it concerns: representatives from the State of Geneva in the fields of education, economy and finance, as well as representatives from the watch industry, members of the UFGVV (Union of Watch Suppliers of Geneva, Vaud and Valais).The height of expertise in the fields of certification and Research & DevelopmentComprised of two distinct and complementary centres of activity (Certifications and Research & Development), TIMELAB can respond to the most varied needs, but most importantly, it guarantees total independence and offers important synergies that are beneficial to the companies and organisations that consult it.  Three certifications are united in the Certifications centre: The Hallmark of Geneva, the COSC certification, represented by The Official Office of Geneva, and the Sport Time-Keeping certification.  On the Research and Development side, the R&D centre offers activities in the fields of advice, testing and development, as well as a metrological service. TIMELAB’s Director, Patrick Jaton, explains, "Our certifications centre is able to cover a wide range of needs in terms of control, guarantee, creation of standards of reference, and ultimately, quality, by offering the huge advantage of finding everything under one roof.  As for the Research and Development centre, made-to-measure watch and microengineering projects allow the laboratory to position itself at the cutting edge of the industry.  The link TIMELAB has with education makes the most sense here, with its potential connections with training centres, schools and universities."A proposal that will benefit companies far and wide, as well as add to the success of the Geneva and Swiss watch industries.Thanks to its diverse activities, TIMELAB addresses different markets and different structures: - From the Geneva watch brands with the Hallmark of Geneva, to Swiss watch brands with the COSC and international watch brands with its R&D activities. - It addresses the microengineering industry as well as international sport federations with its R&D centre and certification for sport time-keeping.Thus, the new laboratory undeniably contributes to the success and the value of the watch industry in Geneva, Switzerland and the world. A contribution which reaches, directly or indirectly partners, distributors and final consumers of brands, industries and federations. “TIMELAB offers a huge scope of possibilities for a very interesting future," shares Daniel Favre, President of TIMELAB’s Foundation Council.  “In order to answer the needs of the Geneva watch brands, we are rapidly going to adapt The Hallmark of Geneva so that its criteria are in line with the latest technologies and that it may apply to the entire watch. In addition, our mission is to develop a centre for Research & Development to create a veritable reference in the field of made-to-measure metrological studies.” Press contact for further information:Mr. Patrick Jaton, DirectorTIMELAB – Foundation of the Geneva Laboratory of Horology and Microengineering2 Chemin de la GravièreCH - 1227 GenevaTel. +41 (0) 22 308 58 80 Fax +41 (0) 22 308 58

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