Ecusson de la République et du canton de Genève


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Switzerland ranked as a top location for foreign investors


According to the study released by Ernst & Young - “Switzerland as a business location 2009 – International companies rate Switzerland” - Switzerland has an excellent reputation among international companies. Twenty percent of companies consider Switzerland to be one of the world’s most attractive locations. Switzerland’s political stability and legal security, the quality of life and the social climate are particularly appreciated.Switzerland is a top location for administration, logistics and distributionCompared with other countries, Switzerland scores highly in many key areas: 27 percent of the companies surveyed indicated that Switzerland is the most attractive location for administration and accounting. Switzerland is also ranked first when it comes to logistics (24 percent) and distribution and marketing (22 percent).Switzerland is best placed to master the crisisDespite the economic crisis, the respondents listed Switzerland as a top location, with 93 percent confident that Switzerland can successfully master the crisis and 44 percent believing that Switzerland was best placed among all European countries to master the crisis.To learn more about this study:

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