Ecusson de la République et du canton de Genève


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Switzerland has one of the most attractive tax systems within Europe


According to a survey of European tax systems, compiled by KPMG International, in which major business organizations across Europe assessed the attractiveness of their domestic tax systems, Switzerland ranks third behind Cyprus and Ireland respectively. The survey is based on particular aspects of the tax system, including consistency, stability over time, volume of legislation, the tax rate, and relationships with tax authorities. The survey is compiled from more than 400 interviews with tax professionals in multinational companies across Europe. Regarding the tax rate and the stability in resisting frequent changes to tax laws, Switzerland performed outstandingly: 100 percent (as opposed to 49 percent on average across Europe) of the participants called Switzerland attractive regarding the tax rate and stability. As far as relationships with tax authorities, 90 percent (as opposed to 60 percent on average across Europe) of the respondents lauded Switzerland.

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