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Switzerland again European champion in innovation


Berne, 2011 02 01 - According to the European Innovation Soreboard (EIS) 2010, Switzerland  again appears in a leading position amongst innovative countries in Europe. Its performance in innovation is growing 4% above the average rate.These results reflect a balanced innovation system with a strong position to compete globally. Denmark, Germany, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, together with Switzerland form the European leaders' group in innovation.Again, Switzerland has been especially highlighted on the field of registering international patents. Moreover, it also distinguished itself by a particularly high rate of employment in highly cognitive activities and the proportion above average of innovative small and medium enterprises (SME) and high-tech products exports. Nevertheless, Switzerland could improve the level of venture capital where growth is decreasing.EIS results clearly demonstrate the advantages of an agile economy, standing out in European competition and which can rely on the expertise of highly performing universities and research in Switzerland. Thus Switzerland clearly imposed itself as an economy of specialized knowledge and highly skilled professionals.The EIS was established in 2001 and, in addition to the comparative ranking at the European level, it provides information of national innovation systems regarding their potential for growth, productivity and competitiveness to medium and long-term.For the extensive press release (French, German or Italian), please click here !

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