Ecusson de la République et du canton de Genève


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Security & stability

Social and political stability

Renowned for its low crime rate and its social stability, Geneva offers particulary attractive security conditions. The country's solid legal framework guarantees protection in terms of competition and private ownership, thereby enabling investors to engage in long-term activities with total peace of mind.

Since 9/11/2001, the pursuit of operations (but also the physical well-being of employees and their families) plays an important part in the decision process of companies when considering relocation. The Reuters group decided, for instance, to establish a back-up data centre in Geneva in the event of an attack on its headquarters in London. Overall security also involves stability, reliability and expertise – qualities for which Geneva has long had a reputation.

The feeling of security arises from a serene social climate. An excellent health system and high quality public education contribute to the quality of life in Geneva while excellent labour relationships and the limited number of collective labour conflicts ensure a productive work environment.

Data security

In today’s business world, intellectual property constitutes a company’s primary asset: a secure system for the exchange of information is of paramount importance. In recent years, the Lake Geneva region has become a center of expertise within the field of information security .

The private banking sector in Geneva has been pioneer in developing data protection, thereby fostering the growth of a cluster of information security companies within the region. The presence of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) have also contributed to strengthening this pool of expertise.

“The world today is more volatile and security is an attractive concept for many companies, both in terms of intellectual property, goods, persons and a dependable legal system.”
Stephane Garelli, Professor and Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center

"I receive alerts from the UK every week, for which we have to decide how we will react. We don’t have that problem here.” 
Jean-Pierre Therre, Director (EVP) and Group Chief Security Officer, Pictet & Cie