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Right Management opens a new office in Geneva


Right Management, the world's leading provider of integrated consulting solutions across the employment lifecycle, announces the opening of its new office in Geneva, Switzerland, on January 03, 2008. Right Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manpower Inc.

This latest expansion is Right Management's third office in Switzerland, joining the firm's other Swiss locations in Zurich and Basle. Right Management has more than 300 service locations worldwide.

"The new Geneva office is a major step in Right Management's global expansion, in one of the most promising markets in Europe, and strengthens our commitment to providing world-class service in Switzerland" said Douglas J. Matthews, Chief Operating Officer for Right Management

"The office's location in the center of Geneva will enable Right Management to deliver first-class services and better support to meet the demands of our international client base, Right Management candidates, and regional client companies," Matthews added.

More than 120 multinational businesses have operations in the Geneva area, with over 100 more having facilities in the Lake Geneva area. Also located there are 200 missions to the United Nations Geneva office, 25 inter-governmental organizations, and 200 non-governmental organizations.

The Geneva office will work in close collaboration with Manpower's strong operations in the region.

About Right Management

Right Management ( is the world's leading provider of integrated consulting solutions across the employment lifecycle. Right Management helps clients maximize the return on their human capital investments while assisting individuals to achieve their full potential.
Right Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manpower, Inc. (NYSE:MAN), a world leader in the employment services industry, creating and delivering services that enable its clients to win in the changing world of work.

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