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Official establishment of the Bank of China (Switzerland) SA in Geneva

Press Release of the Geneva Economic Development Office

Official establishment of the Bank of China (Switzerland) SA in Geneva

From now on, Bank of China (Switzerland) SA will be part of the Geneva banking scene.
One of the most important Chinese banks has just moved to Geneva; therefore, the Department of Economy and Health is pleased to announce that their project took shape and that the strong relationships developed in 2006 between the leaders of Bank of China and the Economic Development Office has lead the state-owned company to be the first Chinese bank to expand into Switzerland.

During one of their trips to Europe in September 2007, the Bank of China's Directors had the opportunity to meet Mr Pierre-François Unger, Minister of the Department of Economy and Health and Mr Jean-Charles Magnin, General Director of the Economic Department who both reinforced their wish to set up in Geneva.

Mr Pierre-François Unger is proud to have Bank of China join hundreds of other banks in Geneva and wishes this latter lots of success for the future. He is very confident this important Chinese institution will actively participate in Geneva's banking center of excellence

For information, please revert to
Mr Michel Hirsig,
Mr Stéphane Graber,
Economic Development Office
Department of Economy and Health
Tel: +41 (0)22 388 34 34
Fax: +41 (0)22 388 31 99
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