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Greentech : Switzerland launches a new program

Switzerland launches Greentech Initiative supporting sustainable products and services
Switzerland Trade and Investment Promotion USA (STIP) launched a new program on July 10 promoting green technologies from Switzerland for the United States under the brand Swiss Greentech.  The initiative was announced at the “Green Tech in a Global Marketplace” seminar in San Francisco organized by STIP and swissnex.Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard, Vice President of the Swiss Confederation and Head of Switzerland’s Federal Department of Economic Affairs, who opened the seminar, remarked that Switzerland wants to become stronger in the promotion of green technologies in the US and worldwide.
Swiss Greentech : a winning sector
Green technology in Switzerland has a long history supported by the country’s strong research institutes and technology companies. In 2008 the government demonstrated its commitment by launching an action plan for renewable energy, the objective of which is to increase its contribution to 24% of total consumption by 2020, from 16.2% today. This year, the government launched additional long-term policies and strategies concerning renewable energy tapping solar, hydraulic, wind, and biomass resources.
There are 538 hydroelectric power plants in Switzerland generating 57% of the country’s domestic electricity production, and 30 wind plants generating 14 gigawatt hours of energy. Solar energy also generates about half a percent of the country’s total power production.
A recent study indicates that Swiss green technology has already created 61,000 full time jobs – almost 2% of total employment – and contributes 1.6% to the Swiss GDP.
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