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Geneva-based OM PHARMA enters into worldwide exclusive agreement on triacyls, with an important Euro


OM PHARMA announces today that it has signed an exclusive global license agreement for synthetic triacyl compounds, including OM-197-MP-AC and OM-294-DP with an undisclosed important European pharmaceutical company.

These novel TLR4 agonists are strong activators of human dendritic cells. Such activity is crucial to the role played by immunological adjuvants for the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines in allergology and other indications. In addition to an advanced preclinical pharmacology programme, these molecules also have a good safety profile, designed to allow their use in phase I clinical trials.

About the OM PHARMA group (

Founded in 1937, OM PHARMA is an independent biotech-pharma company. Its headquarters are located in Meyrin/Geneva, Switzerland, where it opened in 2005 a state of the art biotech centre for the production of its leader immunotherapeutic products, Broncho-Vaxom® and Uro-Vaxom®, recommended for the prevention of respiratory, respectively urinary tract infections and marketed in more than 60 countries. Different lead products are also marketed in most countries worldwide.

To learn more about Geneva's very dynamic pharma and life sciences cluster, do not hesitate to consult the specialized issue of the "Why Geneva" magazine, accessible online through the following link:

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