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Elpida sets a new operation in Geneva


Elpida Memory, Inc. opened a new subsidiary operation in Geneva, Switzerland, in order to strengthen its competitive standing in the European market.

Due to the increasing high performance and functionality of digital appliances, total memory solutions are becoming more and more important. Therefore Elpida has decided to establish a new sales subsidiary operation in Geneva, Switzerland to enhance its geographic presence in Europe and to work more closely with customers and form business alliances with chipset makers and flash memory makers operating in the European region. Also, the new company will house a "System Technology Lab" that will promote design activities using Elpida's advanced system design and analysis technology to help customers all across Europe.

About Elpida Memory, Inc.
Elpida Memory, Inc., (Tokyo Stock Exchange: Code 6665), is a leading global manufacturer of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) silicon chips. Our design, manufacturing, and sales operations are backed by our world-class technology expertise. Our manufacturing facilities, Hiroshima Elpida Memory, Inc. (wafer processing) and Akita Elpida Memory, Inc. (packaging and testing), utilize the most advanced manufacturing technologies available in the industry. Elpida's portfolio of advanced products features such characteristics as high-density, high-speed, low power and small packing profiles. The company provides applications across a wide range of areas, including high-end servers, mobile phones and digital consumer electronics.

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