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Charging System Powers Electric Buses in 15 Seconds launched in Geneva


TOSA, or Trolleybus Optimisation Systeme Alimentation, is a new electric bus charging system that takes only 15 seconds to power up. It is now being tested in Geneva, Switzerland.

A world premiere in sustainable mobility

The project aims to introduce a new system of mass transport with electric “flash” recharging of the buses at selected stops. This is innovative in different aspects:

  • Technological, as it goes beyond a traditional prototype and is based on 19m resp. 24m articulated buses.
  • Operational, as it involves operating this mode of transport in an urban context, with all its notable constraints.

To implement this innovation, a pilot operation on an urban public transport line has been envisaged. This will be showcased, for the first time, at the UITP 2013 conference that will be held in Geneva. Vistors to the UITP will therefore be able to use electric public transport without overhead lines.

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