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CFT Services & Partners


A new company established in Geneva. The company provides solutions for
businesses wanting to establish or relocate to the Geneva region. CFT
Services & Partners with its service providers offer a platform
with a full range of services, such as Legal and Tax, Finance and
Accounts, Office Services and Administration, Relocation.

CFT Services & Partners chose Geneva for its increasing position as
one of the leading centers for Finance, International Trade and
Corporate headquarters.

“Geneva is attracting many new businesses due to its central geographic
situation, its high quality of life, security, solid infrastructure,
availability of qualified people, good social and fiscal arrangements.
Once there is a center of gravity in certain activities, it acts as a
magnet for other companies in the same field” said Ton Schurink,
Chairman, CFT Services & Partners.

CFT Services & Partners assures the new companies a direct contact
for all their startup requirements. “By coming to us our clients have
direct contacts with our service providers but with the comfort that we
hold the responsibility that the work is done to the satisfaction of
our client” said Ariane Schurink-Mottier, Managing Director, CFT
Services & Partners.

To learn more about CFT Services & Partners S.A, please visit the company website:

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