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BioData 2008: Geneva welcomes the best in biopharma and medtech


BioData is the yearly international symposium based in Geneva, where world leaders of biopharma and medtech companies meet investors. BioData has been designed to inform venture capitalists, financial analysts and fund managers responsible for asset allocation of the current issues facing the biopharma and medtech industries.

Keynote lectures and panel discussions cover topics ranging from the role of the European Investment Fund in the promotion of Venture Capital in Europe, to the evolution of cancer markets.

Invited speakers for keynote lectures and panel discussions include senior management representatives from biotech/medtech companies both in Europe and the United States as well as leading investment professionals from around the globe.

To learn more about BioData, please visit the following website:

Do you know why Geneva is considered as a leading biotech and medtech location in Europe? To learn more about Geneva and what it has to offer to leading biotech and medtech companies, we invite you to go through the special issue of the "Why Geneva" magazine, the publication that highlights Geneva's top assets in this industry:

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