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80th International Motor Show: more topical than ever!


Geneva's International Motor Show opens its doors from March 4 to 14 for its 80th edition. It will be held in the presence of major manufacturers that offer the most comprehensive showcase of the today's and tomorrow's automobile market.About 250 exhibitors representing thousands of brands from about thirty countries will share an exhibition area of roughly 80'000m2 spread over Palexpo's seven halls. They reveal a splendid display of world premieres and unreleased novelties.Over 60 conferences are scheduled during the press days, hence announcing a rich harvest of news : ranging from low consumption cars powered by alternative technologies up to prestige vehicles, as well as family prototypes. About 140 International and European novelties are announced including all sectors.Visitors will be introduced to environmental technologies in an amusing and interactive manner. At the Green Pavilion, the past, present and future of alternative technologies will be explained. Exhibitors will invite visitors to participate in "Green Tests" of prototypes that will drive on our roads after tomorrow.The official poster has been developed by Roger Pfund's workshop, a famous and internationally renowned Swiss designer.It is the second consecutive year that a web-TV-newspaper will broadcast daily from 1 to March 15 on prepare your visit, the official website is continually updated and provides a wealth of information and applications.To download the poster, please click here !

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